Small Disadvantaged (SDB);Minority Owned;D&B:625018861;Cage:6FYA6;UEI:KP6DYEE3MRG9; ISO 9001,ISO 27001 &ISO 20000 certified;
Resource Planning & Program Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC) Tool

Customized CRM for budget analysis, to support funding procedures, execution and fund control and present information for PBAC to fund requirements and integrate with General Fund Business Enterprise System (GBEBS) to determine fund appropriated, disbursed, obligated and committed

Operational since 2015, PBAC Tool delivers a fully-integrated solution and workflow processes that supports funding through PBAC process and provide 360 degree view of Fund Appropriated by Congress, Fund Required, Fund Allocated, Fund Committed, Fund Obligated, Fund Executed. Some key features of the tool as below:

  • Requirement Capture: Provides ability to capture requirement by fiscal year and funding required to support the work by ANC and Directorates.
  • Requirement Approval Workflow: The Approval workflow supports processes that involve sending notification to approval authority for new or modified funding requirements and presenting through dashboard pending approval list for approval.
  • Determine Fund Needed: Uploads data from GFEBS, automatically maps a funding document (PR) to a requirement, calculates funds appropriated, executed, obligated and committed.
  • Support PBAC Process: Support PBAC by presenting fund needed by appropriation and capturing fund approved during the PBAC.
  • Real-Time Dashboards and Report: Roles based dashboard and reports for ANC Commander, Management, Directorate users and Budget Analysts for monitoring requirements, funding need and fund disbursed to support PBAC.
  • Data Security: Dynamic data security as per authorization at command, directorate and as per work assignment.
  • Quick Facts:

  • Prime Contractor: BI FACT LLC
  • Number of Requirements in 2015: 295+
  • Funds Appropriated in 2015: $65M
  • Deployed In: ANC
  • Potential User Base: All of US Army
  • External Interfaces: GFEBS
  • NAICS:541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541612, 541611, 511210, 561330